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Ellis resigned before the end of his term in 1906 to become city assessment commissioner. He served as city treasurer from 1907 to 1911. Ellis also served as a public school trustee. He died in Ottawa in 1934 and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery.

William Dance. William Dance (20 December 1755 – 5 June 1840) was an English pianist and violinist. William Dance was the grandson of the architect George Dance (c.1694–1768). His father was the actor James Dance (1721–1774) and his mother may have been James’ wife Elizabeth or the actress Mrs Love.

In the Live Action Special, Ranma Saotome’s male half is played by Kento Kaku while his female half is played by Natsuna Watanabe. In the Hong Kong-aired Animax dub male Ranma is voiced by Darren Pleavin and female Ranma is voiced by Andrea Kwan.

The aim of the newly formed joint venture was to develop the Colony Oil Shale Project and to commercialize the TOSCO II technology. Starting in 1965 the consortium operated a shale oil pilot plant and in 1968 the Colony Development started preparatons to build a commercial-scale plant.

In an interview with The Daily Beast writer Touré, he explains that producing a song is a lengthy process that could take several weeks to complete. Using Jay-Z’s a cappella songs as the master tempo, he searched through Radiohead songs that he believed would complement Jay’s lyrics.

Leterrier sought Ray Harryhausen’s involvement, and reunited with Hulk concept artist Aaron Sims, who had already been working on Clash of the Titans with Norrington. Louis Leterrier, during an interview, revealed that he is a big fan of Masami Kurumada’s Saint Seiya manga (also known as Knights of the Zodiac) and its anime adaptation.

Scott reluctantly agrees to do so. Meanwhile, James has managed to find Greer. As Eli searches through the ship’s computer, he is unable to make sense of it. However Chloe recognizes some of the symbols and uses her knowledge to access a map of the galaxy.

It wasn’t long before Moreira accepted the challenge to face his idol twice in the same competition (weight - category final and absolute) despite not having good partners with whom to train. Although he was submitted in both matches, Moreira gave the Jiu-Jitsu legend something he was not used to: a tough fight.