Angels In America Act 2 Scene 8 On A Streetcar

The streetcars are being built by Inekon Trams, of the Czech Republic, the same company that built the vehicles for Seattle Streetcar’s South Lake Union line. The vehicles are based on Inekon’s bi-directional 12-Trio model, but are a variant that is designated as Trio model 121.

This scene can also be seen as a precursor to the December 2010 tram crash, as when the house shakes and Zainab asks what that was, Eileen says Oh it was the tram - I’ve always said they’ll be the death of me!

The Blue Angels are world famous for flying the F-4 Phantom, and while doing so performing breathtaking maneuvers. The film is about what these men go through every day - the real drama, hardship, and effort these people must endure.

Bolivian general election, 1934. Bolivia held a general election on 11 November 1934, electing both a new President of the Republic and a new National Congress, but the results were later nullified. The terms of Senators and Deputies (elected in 1933) then in office were prorogued to 5 August 1936, by Act of National Congress on 4 August 1935.

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