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Creator Bryan Elsley said: There are risks associated with dumping a cast, but we just did it. There was some disquiet at the channel, but then they told us just to go with it. Speaking at Broadcast’s television drama conference, he also confirmed the show would stick to its pattern of introducing college-age characters, moving them on in the next series, then letting them go.

The catchy legal ID WGTZ, Eaton/Dayton and Springfield ALIVE! first caught the attention of listeners that same year when there was no contemporary hit radio (CHR) station in Dayton at the time. The phrase was coined by Z-93 creator/PD/Mornings John King as an attempt to position Z-93 as a Dayton station and not as an Eaton station.

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Official PlayStation 3 HDMI and Component AV cables are also available for retail. The PlayStation 3 does not include interfaces for legacy PlayStation peripherals, though tested a legacy controller using a PS2-to-USB adapter, finding that it is compatible, though most other devices (such as the Guitar Hero controller) may not be compatible.

The Consortium currently also has around thirty Adopter companies. Commercial products have been introduced since January 2010 and the initial product categories include digital cameras, laptop PCs, USB cradle accessories, USB dongle accessories and office/business equipment.

PDF Studio. PDF Studio is a commercial software program for end-users to create, review, annotate, and edit PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. PDF Studio is Java-based and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and AIX.