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From 1949 until his death in 1976 he and his musical associate and life partner Gordon Heath ran a cafe and nightclub named L’Abbaye on the Rive Gauche in Paris. Here they both regularly played American and French folk, gospel and blues songs - being the only performers at the Abbaye.

Dimitri Reinderman. Dimitri Reinderman (born August 12, 1972 in Hoorn) is a Dutch chess Grandmaster with an Elo rating of 2542. He shares the 3rd position with Sipke Ernst on the rating list of the KNSB, The Royal Netherlands Chess Association.

Berkefeld was the name of owner of the mine in Hanover, Germany, where the ceramic material was obtained. The Berkefeld is a good bacterial water filter used in microbiological laboratories, in homes and out in the field.

The utility–possibility frontier is derived from the contract curve. The utility–possibility frontier (UPF) is the upper frontier of the utility possibilities set, which is the set of utility levels of agents possible for a given amount of output, and thus the utility levels possible in a given consumer Edgeworth box.

He was a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves of Nazi Germany. Lange served as 1st Watch Officer on U-431 from 15 December 1941 to 30 June 1942. He went on three war patrols on U-431 under the command of Wilhelm Dommes.

Jack Barrett (hurler) Jack Barrett (1910–1979) was an Irish hurler who played as a midfielder for the Cork senior team. Barrett made his first appearance for the team during the 1934 championship and was a regular member of the starting fifteen until his retirement after the 1941 championship.

To help reduce water loss, many insects have outer coverings to their tracheae, or spiracles, which shut when open respiration is unnecessary and prevent water from escaping. Insects at a greater risk for water loss face the challenge of either a depleted oxygen supply or desiccation, leading to an adaptive increase in tracheal volume in order to receive more oxygen.