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George Hargreaves is an important part of every design. Hargreaves Associates do projects that range from large river edges to small residential sites. George Hargreaves and Mary Margaret Jones oversee a team of talented designers through the life of each project, maintaining a consistency throughout.

Neither the time required for peer review nor the time between acceptance for publication and actual date of publication were unusual. The Ricaurte article was published in the middle of a group of 16 reports and not given special prominence in the Highlights of research in this issue section of the 27 September 2002 issue of Science.

On March 10, 1980, Treen, aged 51, became the 51st governor of his state. His oath of office was administered by 19th Judicial Court Judge Douglas Gonzales, a Republican from Baton Rouge. Gonzales gave Treen a Bible inscribed, Dave, Upon this good book, you took your oath of office.

In the morning peak hour, Frankston bound services use Platform 3, with Flinders Street bound trains using Platforms 1 and 2. At other times Frankston bound trains use Platform 2. Two morning peak hour services from Flinders Street terminate at Moorabbin and return to the city.

Forcing those who design products to actually use and rely on them is often thought to improve quality and usability, but software developers may be blind to usability and may have knowledge to make software work that an end user will lack.

Scottish Canoe Association. The Scottish Canoe Association ( Comann Curach na h-Alba in Scots Gaelic) is the governing body for canoeing and kayaking in Scotland. It was founded in 1939 by four canoe clubs, the Canoe Section of the Camping Club, Clyde Canoe Club, Forth Canoe Club (1934) and Scottish Youth hostels Canoe Club.

George Bonanno, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, in his book The Other Side of Sadness: What the New Science of Bereavement Tells Us About Life After a Loss, summarizes peer-reviewed research based on thousands of subjects over two decades and concludes that a natural psychological resilience is a principal component of grief and that there are no stages of grief to pass.