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Moving to the second floor of the house, it contains five bedrooms, a sewing room and a library over the south entrance. Instead of continuing the west bedroom (directly over the living room) the full width of the wing, Wright left space for second-floor planters.

Office space to rent is the most expensive in the world, costing up to five times the average rents in New York City, Paris and Sydney. The area is home to fine wine merchants including Berry Brothers and Rudd, at number 3 St James’s Street.

All are air-conditioned featuring two-, three-, and four-private bedroom floor plans with a living/dining area, kitchen, and bath. Undergraduates may choose housing in a specific living and learning community.

Bareboat charter. A bareboat charter or demise charter is an arrangement for the chartering or hiring of a ship or boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement; instead, the people who rent the vessel from the owner are responsible for taking care of such things.

By voting on the bill, members of the Houses of Parliament would be both jury and judges. Caroline would not receive basic rights accorded to other defendants; for example, she would not be informed of who the witnesses were before they were called.

There are major competitions in swimming, cross-country, music, athletics, and other weekly house sport games, such as hockey and touch rugby. The two original houses were Aitken (Blue) and Fergusson (Green), with Glasgow (Red) and MacKenzie (Yellow) being established next, followed by Plimmer (Sky Blue) and Uttley (Black) in 1993 and Smith (Navy Blue) and Mawson (Maroon) established in 2009.

Taussig was a member of several prestigious professional societies during her career. She was a member of the American Pediatric Society, the Society for Pediatric Research, and the American College of Physicians.

That particular notion of black familial life has become a widespread, if not dominant, paradigm for comprehending the social and economic disintegration of late 20th-century black urban life. The Moynihan Report generated considerable controversy and has had longlasting and important influence.